Safety & Environment


We adhere to the highest standards for the safe operation of our facilities and the protection of our environment, our employees, our customers, and the people of the communities in which we do business.


At Foss we are proud of our decades-long commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. We have come a long way in limiting our use of energy, and limiting our waste production and our emissions. We are constantly finding new and innovative ways to protect our community while continuing to create quality fiber solutions for our clients.

  • Co-Generation
    We have always made our environmental commitment a priority, but it was in the mid-1970s – during the height of the energy crisis in the United States – that we really got creative. With the price of oil at an all-time high and a real need to ensure a better and more reliable source of power, Foss overhauled its manufacturing facility to make it completely self-sufficient in meeting its energy needs. Specifically, the company adopted the practice of co-generation – capturing waste steam and organic exhaust from plant processes such as the latex drying process for power and heating uses. By generating our own electricity, Foss reduces demand on the local public utility company and the regional power grid, and dramatically reduces emissions by capturing exhaust and instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.
  • Emissions Control
    At any manufacturing facility, the total control of discharged emissions is no easy task, but Foss has implemented some of the most innovative methods and technologies to prevent the release of any byproducts of our processes. For example, we pay close attention to the wastewater that results from our operations. We have installed a system that coagulates wastewater and allows us to completely reclaim any solids that remain after we have worked with latex or other compounds. This creates reusable water and eliminates any discharge. We are extremely proud of the fact that we do not have any discharges as a result of our operations.
  • Recycling is a Way of Life
    All of us at Foss approach our processes and products with the same resourceful thinking. In terms of recycling, we can proudly say that we refuse to throw anything away – we’re constantly asking each other, “What can we do with this?” We lay claim to our very own on-site recycling plant that allows us to reuse all leftover materials. We also buy back scrap fibers and materials from our customers, break them down and reuse them to make a variety of new products. This prevents waste and has reduced the amount of material we send to landfills by more than 75% over the last five years — an impressive feat during a time when the U.S. faces a serious lack of landfill space.

Thinking globally has not distracted Foss from acting locally. This advanced thinking, which places the utmost importance on the environment, has helped Foss establish a global presence while still maintaining a welcome position in the close-knit community of Hampton, NH. We make every effort to protect the community, while growing our role as a key exporter to the rest of the country and the world.