Research & Development

Our Approach to Innovation

At Foss, we can take you from problem to solution, concept to production. For over 50 years now, our commitment to innovation has been underscored by our investment in research and development because a key part of enabling innovation is providing the resources required to bring it to light. Foss has invested in state-of-the-art development and testing labs that allow our chemists, scientists, and engineers to explore the broadest reaches of fiber technology. But more importantly, we have invested in people who have the imagination and foresight to use these resources to their full potential. Our approach combines an understanding of the issues facing our clients with a creative multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, pragmatic solutions and fast track implementation.

Technical Expertise

Foss Manufacturing combines managerial expertise, technical capabilities, and common-sense financial and business knowledge to provide comprehensive services and products to meet client needs, solve complex client problems, and assist our clients in meeting their objectives. Foss Manufacturing has developed strong technical capabilities and a high degree of versatility through the experience of its personnel. Members of our team have successfully completed various scientific and technical projects to deliver highly specialized solutions. Many of our team members have backgrounds in research and engineering and hold advanced degrees and national certifications. We also invest in state of the art tools and equipment.

Guaranteeing Quality

Foss is continuously finding new ways to examine and improve upon our processes so that we can always guarantee the quality of our products and best serve our customers. Our Six Sigma Quality Program and our Quality Assurance certifications are indicators of our commitment to quality in everything we do.

Six Sigma Quality Program

Six Sigma is a leading, highly-disciplined process that enables Foss to focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products. We have implemented the rigorous Six Sigma methodology in order to identify and eliminate errors in work processes with a rigorous set of tools designed with one purpose in mind: to produce dramatic enhancements in work quality, business results, and customer and employee satisfaction. Foss currently has one “Black Belt” in our Six Sigma Program who is mentoring and coaching “Green Belts” within the company.