Fosshield® is a revolutionary new antimicrobial technology that is clean, safe, natural, and effective against a broad spectrum of microbes. Studies have shown, the patented Fosshield® technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus in a variety fabrics, polymers, and rubber materials with long-lasting protection.




Unlike antimicrobial agents that are applied via topical chemical coatings or include actual metals, the patented, non-leaching, and non-metallic antimicrobial technology in Fosshield® is blended right into the fabric, polymer, or rubber.

As the active antibacterial agent in the SpectraShield™ 9500 N95 surgical respirator mask, Fosshield® was found to be safe when used in the breathing zone (offgassing) and against the skin (non-transdermal). The FDA tests of the mask also found Fosshield® technology to be non-leaching, while posing no risk to users or the environment.

What’s more, Fosshield® is made from Foss Manufacturing’s own Eco-fi™ fiber, which is originated from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.


The safe, clean, and natural antimicrobial properties of silver and copper are built right into each product protected by Fosshield® without using synthetic or chlorinated chemicals. Fosshield® is also used in the FDA cleared SpectraShield™ 9500 N95 surgical respirator mask. Fosshield® incorporation was found to be safe when used in the breathing zone (offgassing) and against the skin (non transdermal). The FDA-required tests of the mask confirmed Fosshield® technology to be non-leaching, while being safe for users and the environment.

The key to the effectiveness of Fosshield® is the unique combination of silver and copper ions, which are incorporated into the fiber and naturally attack the microbes. The Fosshield® ions bind to any microbes that may be present on the fiber and disable their critical functions (metabolism, respiration, and reproduction).


By combining both silver and copper, we provide enhanced and faster permanently embedded antimicrobial action. Fosshield® fiber is patented and is the first and only antimicrobial technology to successfully use a balance of silver and copper ions in a fiber.