Automotive Product Capabilities

  • Automotive Headliners and Dash Covers
    Foss pioneered the use of nonwoven automotive headliners after noticing that conventional knit fabric ceilings of cars had a tendency to lose shape and fall after a number of years. In contrast, the nonwoven liners provide a finished surface that adheres easily to automobile ceilings and have become the industry standard. Product also uses Spectropile: Nonwoven polyester plush fabric for dash covers


  • Antimicrobial Upholstery
    Realizing that car upholstery frequently becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, fabric that incorporates Fosshield® Antimicrobial Technology is an ideal solution to counter the damaging effects of bacteria, mildew, and mold. In addition, Fosshield® eliminates odors in upholstery caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew.


  • Car Wash
    The leading car wash equipment makers and aftermarket accessories companies use Foss Cloth, made with 100% solution-dyed polypropylene fiber with a calendared finish.


  • Seating
    Our materials offered for “B surfaces” are abrasion resistant, fire retardant (302), and perform to cut and sew specifications. Seat backing materials are available in flat and random velours that offer exceptional performance, low weight, and cost savings over knits, wovens, and vinyls.


  • Floor Carpeting
    Nonwoven floor carpeting for the automotive industry offers favorable cost savings and also demonstrates superior molding characteristics over woven [tufted] carpet. More prevalent in Asia and Europe, nonwoven floor carpeting is starting to take hold in North America as well.


  • Engineered Fabrics
    These fabrics are used in areas where molded shape retention is required, or acoustical and thermal performance are specified such as headliner systems, IPs, trunk and hood liners, wheel arch covers, under-hood absorbers, under-dash insulators, and other assorted applications. Foss engineers products that are completely recyclable, without fiberglass, for environmental friendliness.


  • Trunk Linings
    Made from recycled fibers and polymers, these low-cost products offer aesthetics, moldability, and improved noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) performance.


  • Package Trays
    These fabrics use materials that offer exceptional UV stability, are low weight, and have aesthetic enhancements. They can be combined with PP and PU systems through enhanced backing systems.


  • Motorcycle Mat
    Protective mat for use under motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, and cars, made from Foss brand solution-dyed polypropylene.


  • Motor Home
    Cargo Liner and Headliner
    Carpet for cargo area and RV and Motor Home Fabric