Business Units

Foss Manufacturing’s Business Units:

  • Automotive – Engineered fibers, fabrics, and components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide such as automotive headliners, upholstery, seating, floor carpet, etc.
  • The Kunin® Group – Provides the hobbyist, crafter, and creative individual, premium nonwoven fabrics that set the standard for excellence in quality and innovation. Kunin specializes in providing fabric and craft products that inspire creativity for the novice as well as the professional crafter or seamstress.
  • Eco-fi® – This high-quality polyester fiber is made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles. With properties such as strength, softness, shrinkage-resistance and colorfastness, fabrics made with Eco-fi are superior in quality to those made from non-recycled materials and the market applications are expanding every day.
  • Fosshield® – Fosshield Antimicrobial Technology is the first fiber technology to safely and effectively inhibit the growth of destructive and odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus. Potential applications for Fosshield products exist in a variety of industries including healthcare, hospitality, food service, filtration, and transportation.
  • Ozite® – Solution-dyed polyester and polypropylene Fossfibre® manufactured with additives that improve UV stability; are fire retardant; and water resistant. A few of the products include Grill Mat, TopGuard, and Thermozite. You will also see fabrics in which aesthetic criteria-color, texture, and appearance-are of primary importance to the user. A few of these product markets are Motor Home/RV, Marine, and Home.
  • Specialty Fibers – These fibers lock-in color, are fire retardant, and have UV stability. Premier and Regal Exhibit & Display Fabrics, the finest performance fabric available to the exhibit & display markets.
  • Technical Fabrics – Delivers functional and performance driven products to diverse markets such as Medical, Filtration, Footwear/Apparel, Vinyl Coated Substrates, Roofing Substrates, Geotextiles, and Residential/Commercial Furnishings.

We proudly hold a prominent market position in each of our core markets.

Our business units are comprised of highly trained professionals who are uniquely qualified and dedicated to serve customers on an individual basis and assure 100% satisfaction. By pooling diverse talents and vast industry experience, Foss can supply clients with customized solutions and products to meet or exceed the most demanding specifications. We design, manufacture, convert, package and distribute a vast array of components, applications and ready-to-use products that address the complexities of safety, performance, uniformity, aesthetics or any combination thereof.